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Opened Doors

I love watching my two boys, who are five and three, as they run to open the door when we are entering a building. They race ahead of everyone and want to be the first one to open the door. Their smiles widen in each moment as they try to be of service. Sometimes if the door has a strong hinge, my two little young men may struggle to open the door and someone eventually will be at their side to help. But once the door is open they stand there like guardians holding open the passageway, their fullness of joy coming as each person makes entry. Often times, as long as they can see someone walking towards the door, they will stand and wait. Sometimes after a few minutes I have to gently let them know that it is okay and that they can leave their post. I love seeing that in my boys.
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Polished Rocks

This past Saturday evening my older daughters were out with their friends and so Karra and I decided to try and spend some time with our two younger daughters. We watched a couple previews for movies but nothing caught our attention and so we ended up playing a card game. We had a great time. At one time we were laughing so hard that we were not able to continue to play. However, at another time, my ten year old was upset because of the cards she had been dealt and how the game was proceeding. For a period of time she buried herself into a blanket and would only peak out from underneath just enough to play the game. I still do not know why she was upset or who she was really upset with but she continued to play and so I was happy. By the end of the game she was out from under the blanket and we were all talking happily again.
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The Value of a Waterpot

I have a three year old that does not like to sit still. I try to encourage reverence and respect but it is a work in progress. Yesterday at church we found ourselves outside the main meeting room and sitting in the foyer of the building where we were once more working on our reverence. As I sat there with my son, I had a chance to reflect upon a painting that hangs up on a wall near where we were sitting. The painting is a representation of the Savior’s interaction with the woman of Samaria at Jacob’s well found in John chapter 4. This interaction between the woman and Jesus has always inspired me and so the painting itself always seems to catch my attention.
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Valentine’s Day Post 3 of 3

During the month of February so many years ago, I leaned in to kiss my future bride for the first time. I was nervous. I was scared. We had been dating in the shadows for several months. Some close friends knew of our budding relationship but not many others. However, I had finally worked up the courage to take that next step. Outward demonstrations of emotion were not part of my childhood. That is not a judgement against my parents or the environment in which I was raised but simply the way it was. So there I stood, all my courage and fear and uncertainty on display, leaning in to kiss Karra for the first time. And then she started to laugh.
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Valentine’s Day Post 2 Of 3

On Valentine’s Day in 2014 I had an experience that taught me a little more about the love God has for us and how we should share that love with each other.
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Valentine’s Day Post 1 Of 3

Most of the lessons I have learned in life have come from being a parent. Several years ago one of my daughters taught me an invaluable lesson about the love God has for each one of us.
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Person of Influence

I have always struggled when it came to reading and writing. I am a slow reader. That doesn’t mean that I do not like reading. It just means that it takes me a little longer than the average person. I also struggle with writing. I have poor penmanship and I cannot spell. I have tried working to improve both of these but in the end I have been very grateful for the invention of the computer where I can type and use spell check. I have found it interesting that in my profession as a computer programmer as I created names for variables that are used in the code, I have no problem remembering how I spelt even the most complicated of variable names but when it comes to regular words, I get lost in the sounds and in the rules. As I said, I am grateful for advancements in technology that afford me the ability to write without anxiety.
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Mistakes and Blemishes

I am the type of person that likes to do as much as I can for myself. When my wife wants to paint the inside of our home another color, I like to do the work myself. Typically that involves working late into the evening and causing the house to be in upheaval during the entire process. When the job is done and visitors come over they usually compliment on the painting and even ask how we did it. My wife is happy and content but usually I am not. One of my character flaws is that in everything I do, I typically have an easy time finding all the mistakes that I have ever made. When it comes to painting, I can usually list the blemishes without even being in the room as I can see them in my mind. And when I am in the room, sometimes those mistakes are all that I can see. I try to not focus or dwell on them but it is a constant effort for me to avoid them.
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Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ

I am embarrassed to admit that before a few weeks ago, I had no idea what the story of Ben-Hur was about. I had heard of the book and even of the previous movies that were made and I knew that there was a chariot race but not much else. When I was a young boy I remember seeing an old blue book with the title of Ben-Hur sitting on a shelf in my parents front room. I have always been a slow reader and so even though the sight of the book always seemed to catch my attention, it was also at the same time very intimidating to me. I never did pick up the book to read.
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Goals, Resolutions, and What Lack I Yet

This is the first year that I can honestly say that one of my New Year’s resolutions is not to dunk a basketball again. I have finally let go of that wishful dream. At least I hope that I have. I would never use the excuse that I am too old but I am old enough to know that I have other priorities that take precedence over how high I might be able to jump. I still have the goal to get into better shape but my definition of what that means has certainly changed.

I love making goals and recommitments. I say recommitments because the goals I made in my youth are primarily still the main goals I hold today. I also may not always be the best at following through to the end as sometimes my goals can really become unrealistic or maybe even unattainable in this life, but that does not take away from what I have been able to accomplish as I work towards my ideals.

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