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Valentine’s Day Post 3 of 3

During the month of February so many years ago, I leaned in to kiss my future bride for the first time. I was nervous. I was scared. We had been dating in the shadows for several months. Some close friends knew of our budding relationship but not many others. However, I had finally worked up the courage to take that next step. Outward demonstrations of emotion were not part of my childhood. That is not a judgement against my parents or the environment in which I was raised but simply the way it was. So there I stood, all my courage and fear and uncertainty on display, leaning in to kiss Karra for the first time. And then she started to laugh.
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Valentine’s Day Post 2 Of 3

On Valentine’s Day in 2014 I had an experience that taught me a little more about the love God has for us and how we should share that love with each other.
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Valentine’s Day Post 1 Of 3

Most of the lessons I have learned in life have come from being a parent. Several years ago one of my daughters taught me an invaluable lesson about the love God has for each one of us.
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Person of Influence

I have always struggled when it came to reading and writing. I am a slow reader. That doesn’t mean that I do not like reading. It just means that it takes me a little longer than the average person. I also struggle with writing. I have poor penmanship and I cannot spell. I have tried working to improve both of these but in the end I have been very grateful for the invention of the computer where I can type and use spell check. I have found it interesting that in my profession as a computer programmer as I created names for variables that are used in the code, I have no problem remembering how I spelt even the most complicated of variable names but when it comes to regular words, I get lost in the sounds and in the rules. As I said, I am grateful for advancements in technology that afford me the ability to write without anxiety.
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