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Valentine’s Day Post 2 Of 3

On Valentine’s Day in 2014 I had an experience that taught me a little more about the love God has for us and how we should share that love with each other.

On my way into work on that Valentine’s Day I stopped to purchase donuts to share with the people I worked with. As I left the donut shop and as I was putting the donuts into the car on the passenger side, I heard a noise and then felt something inside of me say “pay attention.” As turned to look towards the noise, I saw a man with a bike as he was walking through the parking lot stumbling over a cement curb. Taking note of the man, I turned to walk around to the driver’s side of the car. As I did, the feeling that told me to pay attention was now prompting me to know that the man was going to ask me for money. By the time I reached the driver’s side door, the man was standing at the back of the car. He indeed asked if he could have some money so that he and his wife could eat. Because of the thoughts that I had as I walked around the car, I had already reached into my wallet and had pulled out a $20 dollar bill. I gave him the money and he said thanks. Then he looked down at what I had given him. Instantly his countenance changed. He seemed surprised at what I had given him. As he looked up, he stared straight at me, looking me in the eye, and said, “No. Seriously, Thank you.” Then he walked over and shook my hand.

As he rode off on his bike, I felt guilty that I had not given him everything that I had in my wallet. His gratitude was genuine and heartfelt. When I entered the car and as I started the engine, that same feeling that prompted me to pay attention and to be prepared to give the man what he needed came again to me. This time I heard in my mind the words “Are we not all beggars?” In that instant I was reminded of all the times that I have begged and pleaded for my own welfare. Praying for forgiveness. Praying for strength. Praying for mercy. In that moment I was reminded again that we are all beggars for heavenly help.