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Opened Doors

I love watching my two boys, who are five and three, as they run to open the door when we are entering a building. They race ahead of everyone and want to be the first one to open the door. Their smiles widen in each moment as they try to be of service. Sometimes if the door has a strong hinge, my two little young men may struggle to open the door and someone eventually will be at their side to help. But once the door is open they stand there like guardians holding open the passageway, their fullness of joy coming as each person makes entry. Often times, as long as they can see someone walking towards the door, they will stand and wait. Sometimes after a few minutes I have to gently let them know that it is okay and that they can leave their post. I love seeing that in my boys.
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Polished Rocks

This past Saturday evening my older daughters were out with their friends and so Karra and I decided to try and spend some time with our two younger daughters. We watched a couple previews for movies but nothing caught our attention and so we ended up playing a card game. We had a great time. At one time we were laughing so hard that we were not able to continue to play. However, at another time, my ten year old was upset because of the cards she had been dealt and how the game was proceeding. For a period of time she buried herself into a blanket and would only peak out from underneath just enough to play the game. I still do not know why she was upset or who she was really upset with but she continued to play and so I was happy. By the end of the game she was out from under the blanket and we were all talking happily again.
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